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Elderly having a blast interacting with HuGGler

Strait Times News Report

Thanks to Audrey Tan (reporter) and Chee Siong (photographer) for doing such a wonderful job in the interview and writing such a good article.

Not forgetting to thanks to Samuel, Veronica, Jia Hui, all the elderly and their family members from St. Lukes (Hougang) for their support.

HuGGler look forward serving you and improving the quality-of-life for all the elderly!


HuGGler on Lianhe Zaobao

HuGGler is on the printed news – Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore Chinese Newspaper)

Summary: The coverage highlighted Huggler, a latest pet robot invention by Robotics programme. The latest prototype has been on trial at the St Luke’s Elderly Care in Hougang for the past two months and have received good reviews by the seniors who have interacted with the Huggler.

News report of HuGGler on Lianhe Zaobao
News report of HuGGler on Lianhe Zaobao